The Invisible Interview

Technology agency Silicon Reef – and Smiling Cow client – celebrate three years in business this month. And their business is a pretty unusual one. Remote working is the norm, holidays are unlimited, working hours are unfixed.

Founders Alex and Giles are, along with the rest of the original five Reefers, living embodiments of the Silicon Reef ethos. They built the company on a dream; of how they wanted to work, of the balance they wanted in their lives for themselves and their employees.

What better way, I thought, to write about their terrific achievements (as the agency is indeed thriving under this operating model) and bring their voices front and centre than to use an interview format. I took the detailed notes and train-of-thought downloads that the guys gave me and shaped an interview – a back and forth that demonstrates the way they riff off each other and – I think – tells the story the way it should be; in their own words.

Read the final interview here:

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