The Invisible Interview

Technology agency Silicon Reef – and Smiling Cow client – celebrate three years in business this month. And their business is a pretty unusual one. Remote working is the norm, holidays are unlimited, working hours are unfixed. Founders Alex and Giles are, along with the rest of the original five Reefers, living embodiments of theContinue reading “The Invisible Interview”

A language to open up a world of possibilities

‘Every day English spreads, the world becomes a little more homogenous and a little more bland…..’ or does it? Proud as I am of my mother tongue, I always felt it lacks the lilt and lyricism that Italian has, the sensuality of French, or the delicacy of Mandarin. However, there is little doubt that theContinue reading “A language to open up a world of possibilities”

Amazon Beckon In New Talent With Free ‘Storywriter’ Screenwriting Software

Ooh! Interesting. Two years after launching their corkboard scene-mapping tool Storybuilder, Amazon have now launched Storywriter, a free, cloud-based screenwriting tool that auto formats your scripts as you write, ready for submission to…well, Amazon of course. The tool allows you to import from a range of formats, and write online knowing that your scripts are beingContinue reading “Amazon Beckon In New Talent With Free ‘Storywriter’ Screenwriting Software”

‘Her Story’

Well, right now in ‘My Story’ I’m cross-legged in front of the TV taking a break from work. As usual I’ve got a crumb-covered laptop in front of me and I’m squinting through my glasses because I STILL haven’t worked out how to take them off and on without getting them grubby. The heating is on, the bigContinue reading “‘Her Story’”

Barbara Walters on How to Be There for the Newly Bereaved and Heartbroken | Brain Pickings

I lost my Mum less than a year ago. I have been helped by so many friends who listened, and seemed to say the right thing – and hindered by those who didn’t, and didn’t.  This piece by Maria Popova looks at Barbara Walters’ take on how words, and actually an absence of words, can playContinue reading “Barbara Walters on How to Be There for the Newly Bereaved and Heartbroken | Brain Pickings”