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Jo Robb Founder Director of Smiling Cow
Jo Robb,  Founder Director of Smiling Cow

Founder of Smiling Cow, Jo Robb, started her career in Advertising and New Media back in the nineties when ‘The Internet’ was a mystical thing. Focusing first of all on B2B she prided herself on de-mystifying these newfangled digital channels and building strategies for her clients that tapped into the potential of emerging media and technologies.

Jo moved into above-the-line communications in 2000 when she started working with the Standard Life customer marcomms team. She led the launch of the new Bank online, and developed the ground breaking Investments portal for share management (this was cutting edge stuff in the early noughties people!).

For ten years Jo was part of the B&Q MultiChannel Leadership Team, leading Customer Experience and Strategy. In 2011 she won Retail Week Rising Stars Online Individual of the Year for her inception and delivery of B&Q’s first Social Media Strategy. Latterly she was Programme Director of the largest digital transformation  Programme in Kingfisher history, redesigning all of B&Q’s customers and staff facing digital ordering platforms.

After having her first baby, Flora, in 2014 Jo established Smiling Cow to provide communications and transformation services to brands looking to make their mark and grow their businesses in the digital age.

Jo has a degree in English and American Literature with a first in Creative Writing.

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