‘Her Story’

Well, right now in ‘My Story’ I’m cross-legged in front of the TV taking a break from work. As usual I’ve got a crumb-covered laptop in front of me and I’m squinting through my glasses because I STILL haven’t worked out how to take them off and on without getting them grubby. The heating is on, the big socks are on and Scotland are hammering Japan in the Rugby World Cup.

I’m failing miserably in my bid to drink two litres of water a day and am instead surrounded by mugs, each with an inch of cold tea complete with floating bag. Nice.

So that’s me, but let’s get to the post-point. I’ve been doing some research into ‘The Story’ today as I am writing a piece about the Future of Storytelling Seminar (would sell my cat for an invite but that’s for another post). My reading took me to a piece about an app called ‘Her Story‘ at which point my afternoon went completely off track.


I have been totally waylaid by this original and compelling game. Reminiscent of the ‘choose your own adventure’ books I loved so much as a wee girl, it’s a mocked up police database of archived video interviews with a faux 90’s interface. The premise is that you have been given access to these clips and can piece together the story of what happened to ‘Simon’ – poor unseen Simon – by searching the database, and indexing the clips in the right way. Like a kind of nerdy, mid-tech Cluedo complete with salacious detail and easter eggs. (Simon’s dead by the way – not a spoiler).

From the first couple of clips I was hooked and just lost two hours completing the whole thing. I’ll admit I took to Safari – as is my want – to ask the more patient and diligent crowd how long it would take and if there was a shortcut to completing it… there kind of is but I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice to say, it’s great fun and a good exercise in research and cataloguing for those who like that kind of thing (me).

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a detective, have a couple of hours and an iProduct – do it. Then come back here and post me your theories…

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